EP​/​001 - Infinite Lapse

by Astroseer

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PJD Bass, drums, heavy, hazy.
David McCarty
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David McCarty SPACE DOOM that incorporates moments of drone but then shatters it all apart with intricate and thunderous drumming. Favorite track: Heliopath.
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Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at the Mole Pole in Philadelphia, PA by


released June 8, 2015

Mike Graziano - Vocals, Bass
Matt Keller - Drums



all rights reserved


Astroseer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

pushing through the sonic limits of a two piece in a smoke filled haze - navigating with riffs and spatial exploration.

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Track Name: Saturn
Upon my shoulders the universe resides
Monument to my hubris, Creatures in kind
A twisted Mirror image grows beyond design
An author abandoned to stars, confined.

Crushed by the ceaseless shake of atomic time
Electrons flay my shattered mind
An existence of fireborne animals mocks the divine
Confounding being am I

Black Rot Feeds On Lore in ancient tomes
Tale Passed On Man Kind crafts this lie

I Solar miscarriage
Born of ether, mind and man
exist only as figment
consecration of my madness
Track Name: Heliopath
Immolation of days before
embers glow indigo
As we plunge into chaos
the dying warmth wont let go

Dead End Task
Search for the Sun

Light drums your head deaf & blind
Sealed in your fleshen tomb
A blinding ideation
madness or liberation

Sons of Prometheus
strike the stone and free the spark
flames wick around your skin
cook the fat and cleanse the skull
Track Name: Organ Reader
Son of cyclops, deformed mind
one eye sees beyond all time
space the medium of my sight
every photon an eye
I am witness to death
and the midwife of life
every link on a chain the mouth of an ourorborous
to begin again

Spectral sight
Consumes my mind

Slicing through your silver skin
murky futures hidden within
Viscera fortunes unfold in flayed flesh
the future is death

Spectral sight
Peace denied
Consumes my mind
for all of time
Track Name: Blood Eagle
Violence expressed sincerely
Drag my blade across your throat
I have wronged my brother forever
spilling blood of my own
Condemned I stand in judgement
from all I have known
Vengeance vindicated
In wrath my truth bestowed

Strung up like a martyr
teathered to a cross
breath stolen from exhumed lungs
deflated, drying in the sun

Free your soul
Feather and bone
Spill your blood
Red Lung

My talons seek your flesh to feast
born of blood, the eagle feeds
Death swift and terrible from the sky
life a brief reflection in his eyes